Saturday, February 02, 2013

GenMDM M4L Tools Updated - Now Includes TFI and TFI Folder Import!

The FM editor for GenMDM M4L Tools has been updated to include TFI import and TFI folder import. A TFI file is an FM instrument file from TFM Music Maker. Each TFI file is a single FM instrument. The "TFI" button imports a single TFI file.

The "TFI F" button imports up to 128  instruments from a folder containing 128 or less TFI files - e.g. a SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive instrument settings dump. These instruments are imported into the patch instrument menu. See below for usage examples!

Download all SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive TFI instruments with friendly names here: . Many thanks to user Robugaa for importing and converting these files from the .OPM files.

Example of importing a single TFI instrument file:

Example of importing a folder full of TFI instrument files:


kid versus chemical said...

Where is the download link for the new M4L patch with import function?

kid versus chemical said...

Nevermind, I found it, I had it right the first time, just was opening the wrong version in Live