Monday, February 11, 2013

Max for Live Polyphonic to Multiple Monophonic MIDI Router

This Max for Live device lets you use a MIDI track with polyphonic material (i.e. chords with up to eight notes) and send each note to a separate MIDI track output.

This is useful for synths that have multiple monophonic channels. This M4L device works conjunction with PathMIDI.Receive in order to send and receive the MIDI data. Poly2Mono8 splits up the chord and sends it to PathMIDI.Receive.

Create a MIDI track for the polyphonic material and insert Poly2Mono8. For each monophonic output, create a MIDI track and insert PathMIDI.Receive. Set each PathMIDI.Receive device to receive from successive PathMIDI busses.

Download Poly2Mono8 here:

Here is an example of the polyphonic track. 

Here is an example of the receiving monophonic track.