Tuesday, August 27, 2013

GameSalad Template Example 1: Attach Sound Asset to Event

This brief tutorial demonstrates how to attach a sound asset to an event that does not currently have any sound associated with it.

In this example, a new sound is associated with the "spring bounce" event in the Platformer Template project. 

 Create a new project from the templates. Be sure to choose "Platformer Template"

Navigate to the scenes tab.

Open the first scene. 

Double-click on the main platform character.

Click on the sounds tab in the bottom left hand corner. Drag a new sound to the sounds tab.

Import the sound as a "sound" and not as a "music" asset. 

 Preview the sound by clicking on the sound icon in the sounds tab.

Create a new rule by clicking on the 'new rule' button in the top right. 

Set the rule conditions to All and Actor receives event -> Overlaps or collides -> with Actor of type -> InvisiSpring

Drag and drop the new sound into the behaviour area for the new rule. 

Test out the new sound by pressing the preview button.