Friday, April 25, 2014

I Am Playing and Interfacing at Erit Satis: Ventilation on May 17th

Facebook event:

When: Saturday, May 17th, 7.30PM +
Where: Tenth and Gibson (in Bowden, Adelaide, SA)

Erit Satis is back with a night of new music at Tenth and Gibson.

Embracing a diverse field of music from traditional instruments to custom made ocarinas by Mr Yannii Pouferis, some exquisite pressure-sensing electronic floors once used by Philippa Cullen, a vintage theremin and a collection of talented composers and performers:

Melanie Walters will be playing these with a cheeky premiere!
Houston Dunleavy - Skimming for Solo Piccolo
Michael Smetanin - Nontiscordardime (Bass flute/piccolo/c flute)
Mary Finsterer - Ether
Anne La Berge - Revamper

Sebastian Phlox, Nathan Cummins play:

Irān Sanad-Zadeh - 4485

Iran Sanadzadeh, Dan Thorpe, Sebastian Tomczak: Iran Sanadzadeh (new work) - Philipa's Boat.

Sebastian Phlox: Blitzem [Snail Eyes IV]

Dan Thorpe:
Christine Richers — New Work,
Dan Thorpe — New Work, Daniel Matej — Pages and Structures (Structured Improvisation, featuring Melanie Walters, Dan and Sebastian Tomczak)

Alexander Thumm : Solo Set

There will be delicious drinks and nibbles