Tuesday, April 01, 2014

SerialThing Serial Port to MIDI Converter

This app / patch creates a connection between a serial port (e.g. BlueTooth, Arduino via FTDI etc) and a virtual MIDI input and output.

Data is passed directly to and from the serial port - no changes are made.

The app has the following options:
- Serial Port: serial device selection
- Baud Rate: speed of connection
- From MIDI bus: data that should go from a MIDI virtual bus to the serial port connection (i.e. serial input)
- To MIDI bus: data that should go to a MIDI virtual bus from the serial port connection (i.e. serial output)
- Data to serial: send bytes to the serial port
- Data from serial: observe bytes coming from the serial port

Settings are automatically saved within a local text file, and are the same when re-opened. 

Download OS X application here: http://milkcrate.com.au/_other/downloads/max_patches/SerialThing/SerialThing.zip

Download source patch here: http://milkcrate.com.au/_other/downloads/max_patches/SerialThing/SerialThing.maxpat


Murray Lorden said...

Awesome! Great stuff, and much appreciated. :)

Really enjoyed the Arduino workshop, a fantastic introduction, and a rare opportunity to get some quick and powerful insights into using an Arduino as a MIDI controller, with the help of this great little bit of software! :)