Sunday, August 24, 2014

'Mountain' Game Controlled via Ableton Live MIDI Data

I really like the game 'Mountain' (grab it here: and I wanted to be able to control the synth within 'Mountain' using MIDI data from a DAW such as Ableton Live.

The 'Mountain' game synth is controlled via the computer keyboard, using the row from Z to less than, and from A to K.

An example is shown below:

The output of a MIDI clip is routed through a 'Max for Live Notes to CC with Note Off' device, which converts the pitch of each note to a MIDI CC number and the velocity of each note (including note-off events) to MIDI CC values. 

The output of the MIDI track in Ableton Live is sent to the software Osculator - in the image below, the MIDI track output is set to 'Osculator In (Port 8000)'.

This conversion from note / velocity to MIDI CC number / value takes place, so that Osculator is able to map a different keycode value to each and every MIDI pitch individually, rather than dealing with MIDI note data on a channel-by-channel basis.

Each MIDI pitch shows up as its own event in Osculator, which can then be mapped to a keycode value. Osculator has a handy 'Keycode Helper' window for mapping purposes. Z corresponds to keycode 6, X to 7, C to 8 and so on. Using this information, each MIDI CC number can be mapped to a corresponding keycode in Osculator.