Friday, October 30, 2015

'Antia' Lyrics

All lyrics by Poppi Doser.

The Mountain is on Fire!

The woman plays a string
It's suspended before her between two points of time
And all the while nothing passes over me in the storm of a cloud
I put my hand up to the wall so I have meaning now
And all the while the centrifugal forces flicker like white light in the word of a sound

Exit Wounds

Hating this waiting.

Machte nicht finden
Machte nicht schön
Machte nicht brüchig

You're a virgin in desperation
To give yourself away
To give it to the man
He's the one that marked your fate

He's the one
Yeah, he's the one
He's the one that makes you look at girls in the special way



A necessary sense
Between feeling ill
And that stomach-wrenching lack
Still hanging onto him
And hoping to hear
Something I haven't heard, felt, seen or touched before

Experiencing anatural reaction 
Followed by a an intense period of deconstruction
All for the sake of conceiving an original truth
They're long overdue

Feed Into Play Scream

Feelings of motivation and increased task performance
Succeed zen practices such as those targeting boredom
When I asked him about it he said it was called increased presence

So choose your path well through the physical and virtual space
Immersion is only a theory until you've realised yourself as the thread between
Sound music environment

He loved me well last night
Raised all of my old insecurities
So now I'm more a woman than ever
(But) was it really worth the sacrifice
Is it ever worth the sacrifice

What is the question in your kisses
What is it your eyes can't reveal
What is the purpose of your visit

He loved me well last night


It is difficult not to want the log movement
I should be thankful just for the stimulus
Tracking the sounds of these two doves
That nestle around me whenever I fall in love
They're so close to me now

And if you listen really hard
You'll hear my knocking from inside 
The chamber of your heart

I stalk people who remind me of you
I look for you in everything
I no longer believe in anything
Except when the sun comes out from behind the clouds