Monday, March 13, 2017

Teensy Audio Library Drum Synth Editor Patch

The drum synth object exists as part of the Teensy audio library. The Teensy audio library can be accessed via Arduino-based coding, but the infrastructure (in terms of objects objects and connections) or a particular setup can be made using the Audio System Design Tool for the audio library.

I like the drum synth - simple and effective - however I wanted to be able to preview and edit sounds before implementing them in code. This Max patch does this.

The process is straightforward. Upload the Arduino code to the Teensy 3.x, monitor the DAC0 output on the Teensy, and then send MIDI data via the Max patch to the Teensy. Settings can be saved as a series of floating values, which can then reside in a future Arduino sketch and recalled as settings for a drum synth object when used in a project.

The Max patch can be downloaded here:

The Arduino code can be downloaded here: