Monday, August 21, 2017

Modular Sequencing: 03 - And Gate LFOs

LFOs with different frequencies can be used in conjunction with one or more logic gates to produce rhythmic patterns. These patterns are the result of the phase and frequency difference between the LFOs as well as the gate function, and can be used as a modular gate / trigger signal.

Two 40106-based LFO square wave oscillators are used to drive the two inputs of a 4081 quad, 2-input and gate. An and gate will only go high when all of the inputs are also high. The resulting signal from the 4081 and gate is then divided and output as a gate / trigger signal.

Each 40106 chip can be used to make up to 6 LFOs, and each 4081 contains 4 and gates. Multiple and gates can be connected in serial.

Similar functions that could be worthwhile exploring are or and xor gates.