Friday, June 08, 2007

16 step microtonal digilog sequencer

As a follow on from my stuff on 16-to-2 multiplexing, here is a working standalone thingy. A 16-step sequencer.

This sequencer uses 16 to 2 multiplexing (via 2x 4021s), an SPI digitally controlled pot, an Arduino board and a square wave generator based on a 555.

The 16 pots to the left are the pitches. They are laid out like so (in terms of loop order):

02 04 06 08
10 12 14 16

01 03 05 07
09 11 13 15

The two pots on the right are tempo (lower one) and overal pitch (upper one).

I made a video of the whole affair. Check it out here: (length is 2:04).


Unknown said...

Hi, great job!

Could you publish more about the
16 to 2 multiplexing?
How to use 2 4021s?

I'm very interesting to know how to do something like that.
I'd like to make a 16 step sequencer, so any suggestion would be great!


please drop me a email -> info|_@_|

Julianna said...

It will not really have effect, I feel like this.