Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Tuned GPT Guides for Ableton, Max, Sibelius, ProTools and Arduino / Teensy

Teensy Guide: 

Ableton Guide:

Sibelius Guide:

ProTools Guide: 

Max Guide:

Thursday, November 30, 2023

Printable Variable Miniskiff


I've added a variable miniskiff part studio to the Eurorack case document: 

This part studio has variables for many aspects of the case including the width in HP. 46 HP is the widest case that will print on a 25 cm 3 volume printer like the Bambu P1P

Tiptop Buchla Eurorack Case 3D Printed

So the @tiptopaudiofficial #eurorack #modular #buchla series modules are a total of 2HP too long to fit in a standard 104HP case. I designed and printed a 108HP case with space for a uZeus power supply module. The minimal design is the perfect shape for these modules, and due to the large size is printed in six sections. I've also included a 1HP blank to fill the space of the top row. Really happy with how this #3dprinting turned out on a @bambulab_official P1P with the Bambu basic PLA!

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Mediapipe Object Detection Solution to OSC


Download here:

Adds basic OSC output for the Mediapipe object detection solution

By default, OSC will be sent to localhost on port 3000 and with address /mediapipe/objects. This can be changed in

Each OSC message contains: Category name, object detection instance within the frame, normalised x position, normalised y position and certainty

An example Ableton Max for Live device is provided which allows mapping an object class with x and y position to Ableton parameters

Friday, November 24, 2023


Send ArUco marker detections as OSC messages

Download here: 

Repo contains 50 4x4 markers

To use:

  • pip install opencv-contrib-python
  • pip install python-osc
  • python

Args are:

  • --input: camera to use; default 0
  • --address: OSC message address to use; default /aruco/marker
  • --ip: OSC IP address to use; default
  • --port: OSC port to use; default 3001

Each message contains:

  • marker identity
  • size as a normalised ratio
  • angle in degrees
  • x value of midpoint of marker as a normalised value
  • y value of midpoint of marker as a normalised value

To change the marker type used for detection, change DICT_4X4_50 to a different value

Example Max Patch for receiving ArUCo detections: