Sunday, March 10, 2024

Pyramid Controller


My pyramid controller is almost identical to my sphere controller. The difference in shape means that each side feels a little like a preset, and its easier to have an intuition about rotation and orientation compared to a sphere. The code is slightly different as it doesn't adjust brightness; this looks better in my opinion. The code and model files can be found here: alongside a Max patch that makes it easy to get the data from the pyramid. The board will transmit x y and z data streams for acceleration, gyroscope and magnetometer. The acceleration values determine the colour of the onboard LED. Printing in white or clear PLA makes the colour shine through nicely. 

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Tuned GPT Guides for Ableton, Max, Sibelius, ProTools and Arduino / Teensy

Teensy Guide: 

Ableton Guide:

Sibelius Guide:

ProTools Guide: 

Max Guide:

Thursday, November 30, 2023

Printable Variable Miniskiff


I've added a variable miniskiff part studio to the Eurorack case document: 

This part studio has variables for many aspects of the case including the width in HP. 46 HP is the widest case that will print on a 25 cm 3 volume printer like the Bambu P1P

Tiptop Buchla Eurorack Case 3D Printed

So the @tiptopaudiofficial #eurorack #modular #buchla series modules are a total of 2HP too long to fit in a standard 104HP case. I designed and printed a 108HP case with space for a uZeus power supply module. The minimal design is the perfect shape for these modules, and due to the large size is printed in six sections. I've also included a 1HP blank to fill the space of the top row. Really happy with how this #3dprinting turned out on a @bambulab_official P1P with the Bambu basic PLA!

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Mediapipe Object Detection Solution to OSC


Download here:

Adds basic OSC output for the Mediapipe object detection solution

By default, OSC will be sent to localhost on port 3000 and with address /mediapipe/objects. This can be changed in

Each OSC message contains: Category name, object detection instance within the frame, normalised x position, normalised y position and certainty

An example Ableton Max for Live device is provided which allows mapping an object class with x and y position to Ableton parameters