Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pokey: nested 'for' statements

An Atari Pokey sound chip is controlled directly via bus and data lines from an Arduino using three nested 'FOR' statements.

The results are much more complex (and musically interesting) than the code would lead one to believe - a minimalist / maximalist approach.



Anonymous said...

hey awesome stuff, im following your work last year,pretty interesting,im learnig a lot of things thanks to you!
i got a pokey chip and an arduino ,what about the arduino code? can u post it e just to research and practice on this project!

sorry my english is too bad ,keep it on!!

Sebastian Tomczak said...

hi there, unfortunately i have written over the code, and cannot reproduce my results exactly! how stupid am i?

i am very sorry. but i guess the good thing is that i have a bit of other pokey code etc at:

thanks for the comment!

sebastian tomczak

Anonymous said...

hey tnx for the link man, im on max msp too.
i will show to you the future results!

Sebastian Tomczak said...

yeah sure, be warned that this whole thing is FAR from perfect, and i will still improve code (or you can, or whatever).


pokey sounds great, i love the HPF function.