Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Highly Liquid MIDI2600 firmware update

A while ago i made a digital overlay for Slocum's Syntcart when used with the MIDI2600 retrofit module. Although it was functional in some ways, the response seemed way off. Often, one would play a repeated note and the repeat would not play. However, i should also note that i have had no trouble at all using the MIDI2600 with ProTools and Ableton live. Maybe the reason was that i used zero velocities to generate note-off commands? Perhaps those other programs use the other way of sending note offs. I have no idea really.

But all that matters not! Because John from Highly Liquid was very, very kind and dispatched to me a firmware update that fixed this problem completely. No more nonreactive notes, i am happy. Thanks, Highly Liquid! Much appreciated.