Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sync Nanoloop and LSDJ to MIDI (At the Same Time)

This setup lets one sync up to 6 copies of Nanoloop and 6 copies of LSDJ to MIDI clock signals. The circuit will respond to CLOCK TIMING, START, STOP and CONTINUE messages.

Notes about the schematic:
• PORTD = digital pins 0 - 7
• PORTB = digital pins 7 - 13
• PORTC = analog pins 0 - 5
• PORTB = nanoloop sync
• PORTC = lsdj sync
• For each Nanoloop connection, the sync signal goes to the SERIN pin on the GB. The GND pin on the GB connects to Arduino ground.
• For each LSDJ connection, the sync signal goes to the CLK pin on the GB. The GND, SERIN and SEROUT pins on the GB all connect to Arduino ground. There is also a pull down resistor from the CLK line to ground. The value of this resistor is 22k up to around 100k or so.

Here is a breadboarded version with one Nanoloop sync out and one LSDJ sync out.

You can get the code here:


Anonymous said...


I saw this post and I’m really interested. I have a Roland TR-505 drum machine and I really want to sync it with 1 LSDJ cartridge (I think version 3.8.7) on the classic Gameboy DMG. I don’t have any soldering experience, so I wondered how much you would charge to make one up for me? I also would love to use this unit when I play live but my current set up doesn’t use any USB equipment, so could it be powered by AA batteries?

Please email me at:



Sebastian Tomczak said...

Hi Tom,
I am not currently building these. However, you might like to look at a recent post :

emar said...

is it possible to build this using a bare bones atmeg with the arduino code?