Thursday, June 26, 2008

So what's inside some other Sega carts?

I decided to open up some other carts that I have as doubles and see what is inside. I found some interesting things. For example, I was a little surprised to see an EPROM IC instead of a ROM IC on My Hero. Also, it was of course quite pleasant to find a 315-5208 paging chip on the Global Defense PCB. This paging chip and board can be reused to make a 1Megabit EPROM cartridge.

Running Battle: 32 pin ROM IC #832011-25

My Hero: 28 pin EPROM IC #AT27C256

Global Defense: 28 pin ROM IC #8838D & 28 pin paging IC #315-5208


nitro2k01 said...

Is the game really called "My Hero"? If so, it's a very fitting name. ;)

Sebastian Tomczak said...

Yes, there is. Would you believe? The name is about as generic as one can get, but its quite a fun (yet sometimes frustrating game).

It's got some kickin' music!


muebles segovia said...

It cannot have effect in reality, that is what I consider.