Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wedding Invitations

From Lauren:
"Seb and I have finally got round to design the invites for our wedding and, with only 8 weeks to go, we certainly have cut it fine in getting these finished and ready to send out! We didn’t really have any ideas before mucking around with this design, but it seems to have emerged as a kind of mongrel crossbreed of old photographic carte de visites, treasure maps, and arcade tickets… which is probably very much what you would get when you crossed Seb and my brains anyhow, so I guess its very fitting!

There will also be a couple of loose cards in the same style, namely:

+ a dorm pass with a designated room number (guests are staying the night in the heritage building we have hired), and details regarding the overnight stay.

+ an RSVP card.

+ A card detailing charity options, in lieu of gifts.

These still aren’t quite finished - I can’t decide between the brown or red colours. Hmmm… Hopefully they will be finished in the next day or so."


Anonymous said...

Red looks best.

Anonymous said...

congratulations! i'm just working on the wedding march for my friend's wedding.. i'll send u a copy hehe

Sebastian Tomczak said...

@ Varia vaku: In real life, the brown looks a little more... dignified... so we have chosen that one. But I agree that in the photos the red looks better.

@ Anders: Thanks for the comment, always nice to hear from you :) You HAVE TO send me a copy once you've finished working on it... what a cool friend!

10k said...

These look amazing man!

Anonymous said...

Wow, these are very nice! I saved one of the pictures to my hard drive, so I perhaps can get inspiration for my own some day :)