Saturday, February 28, 2009

SP0256-AL2 Sample Pack

Example Sounds
Listen to the whole allophone set before downloading it by following this link:

This SP0256-AL2 Sample Pack by Sebastian Tomczak is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License. More information about this license can be viewed here:

The sample pack can be downloaded here:

Uncompressed Audio (1.0MB):

Compressed Audio (0.2MB):

I have created a set of samples that have been recorded directly from an SP0256-AL2 chip. I have omitted the two pole filter that normally follows the audio output from the chip. Of course, you can always add a digital filter via software if you so desire. The aim of this pack is not so much to form synthesised speech, but perhaps to enable a user to explore these sounds in a creative fashion.

There are a total of 59 samples. These represent all 59 sounded allophones that the SP0256-AL2 is capable of producing via its internal ROM. The included sounds are named by the allophone in terms of each audio file. The allophones are as follow, including example words:

1 /OY/ BOY
2 /AY/ Sky
3 /EH/ End
4 /KK3/ Comb
5 /PP/ Pow
6 /JH/ Dodge
7 /NN1/ Thin
8 /IH/ Sit
9 /TT2/ To
10 /RR1/ Rural
11 /AX/ Succeed
12 /MM/ Milk
13 /TT1/ Part
14 /DH1/ They
15 /IY/ See
16 /EY/ Beige
17 /DD1/ Could
18 /UW1/ To
19 /AO/ Aught
20 /AA/ Hot
21 /YY2/ Yes
22 /AE/ Hat
23 /HH1/ He
24 /BB1/ Business
25 /TH/ Thin
26 /UH/ Book
27 /UW2/ Food
28 /AW/ Out
29 /DD2/ Do
30 /GG3/ Wig
31 /VV/ Vest
32 /GG1/ Got
33 /SH/ Ship
34 /ZH/ Azure
35 /RR2/ Brain
36 /FF/ Food
37 /KK2/ Sky
38 /KK1/ Can't
39 /ZZ/ Zoo
40 /NG/ Anchor
41 /LL/ Lake
42 /WW/ Wool
43 /XR/ Repair
44 /WH/ Whig
45 /YY1/ Yes
46 /CH/ Church
47 /ER1/ Fir
48 /ER2/ Fir
49 /OW/ Beau
50 /DH2/ They
51 /SS/ Vest
52 /NN2/ No
53 /HH2/ Hoe
54 /OR/ Store
55 /AR/ Alarm
56 /YR/ Clear
57 /GG2/ Guest
58 /EL/ Saddle
59 /BB2/ Business

Audio Format
The uncompressed audio is presented as 16 bit, 44.1KHz mono .wav files. The compressed audio is presented as 96kbps, mono .mp3 files. The audio has been normalised and trimmed, but not compressed nor equalised in any fashion.


misoft said...

Thanks! This is really nice!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sebastian,

This is really great :)
By the way what frequency did you run your speech, was it 3.12MHz, or 3.579MHz?
The reason I ask, was I was trying to figure out the length of the samples. According to the SPO-256 data, for example /AE/ should be 120msec, /DH2/ should be 240msec etc., but the samples were of a different length. Did you get the SPO256 to play all the samples and then chop it up? Also, is there any silence recorded within the samples?
This is the best SPO-256 capture on the web, since you captured it uncompressed at such high bitrates ;-)


Sebastian Tomczak said...

Hi Shabaz,
It's running at 3.12.

I got the chip to play all of the sounds, and then I chopped them up automatically using thresholds.

For each sounds, I got the IC to play silence after each one has finished.

I hope this helps.

- Seb

Aday said...

Me and my Korg Electribe-SX thanks you !! :)