Thursday, March 12, 2009

Drum Machine Compilation

The long awaited and long worked on Drum Machine Compilation is here! I've got a track on this one called "Strange Weather", which was written using an Atari POKEY chip with all four channels in noise mode.

From the original compilation brief by Kezziebeat:

"Due to a song I created just a couple of days ago, I became inspired to start this compo. I want to make a compilation of songs using only kick drums and noise. Yes, only drums. No leads, no melodies, no arps (even slutty ones). I want to see what people can create when they only have a beat to work with.

• You can use any hardware or software
• No leads. (I will allow a bassline if people really find it hard)
• Must use the noise channel
• Must use kick drums
• You are allowed to use samples"

Track Listing:
01 - minusbaby - Santería, Nº1
02 - Chalices of the Past - lgpt1ch iv
03 - Enviromental Sound Collapse - 505 Diving
04 - Fluxxin - Siblicide
05 - Infradead - Sewer Lines Need Loving 2
06 - Kraettz - High Voltage DMG
07 - little-scale - Strange weather
08 - Krazer - Like Stomp on Acid
09 - Motone - Chaos Controlled
10 - Note! - 3D Beet Jam
11 - Ovenrake - Atari Teenage Food Fight
12 - Shaun Carley - Percursion Discussion Deploys
13 - Emartransformo - Shoulda Coulda
14 - Sparkyboy - Dirt
15 - Tom Woxom - Format Disk
16 - Swampyboy - Gabberfad

Thanks to Keff for the artwork, to Motone for mastering, to Subway Sonicbeat & Retro-bot Records for hosting, and to all the artists who took part! (And, might I add, milkcrate for providing the hosting space).

Get it here:


Daren said...

Hi Sebastian,

Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this, I was looking for the arduino midi>sync24 code but could not find it, I would like to have a play with it if possible.

Also I'd just like to say how much I enjoy your blog, and also your fun with sea moss pages, brilliant stuff.

Sebastian Tomczak said...

Hi Daren,
Thanks for your comment, glad you like the blog.

You can find my Sync24 MIDI code here:

(I used this to sync my c64 running prophet 64 - which takes Sync24 - to my laptop running Live).

- Seb

Unknown said...

oh, man, i can't believe i missed this one... fun listen!

Sebastian Tomczak said...


Daren said...

Thanks Seb, is there a schematic for it? Or failing that any info on connecting the midi side of things. I guess the sync socket connects directly to pins 7,8 and 13? Does the midi just connect to the serial (RX) and gnd?



Sebastian Tomczak said...

Hi daren,
You will need to add an optocoupler, some resistors and a diode to your circuit. If you look around on my site or on you should be able to find some examples, such as: