Monday, March 02, 2009

MM - Da Tixmape vol. 2

MM writes: "So, here it is, the official second issue of my Tixmape series. I'm not a DJ or such. I just got inspired by the mixtape sharing project here at 8BC to do the first issue (which I'm going to reupload soon) and I want to continue this project irregularly. so from time to time I want to put together half an hour of finest chiptune stuff for your pleasure. it only contains favorite tracks of mine. see it as an extension of my work at lotek64. additionally you can see my personal music taste quite good in this mix: sweet melodies and hard beats."

Who is on the mixtape?

little-scale - Dallas, Four AM
.sylCMYK - All I Want
Arms Akimbo - My Best Friend
Rainbowdragoneyes - Blue Sky
Capkonamco - Umbrella (Remix)
Animal Style - DMG Guitar
Carl Brown - Further Hearts
Dunderpatrullen feat. Wiklund - Taekwondo Princess
Steve featuring Georges Beauvoir - When Will I See You Next Again?