Monday, March 23, 2009

PAL Sega SMS + NTSC NES "in tune" at last?!

I quite like the idea of writing duets for Sega Master System and Nintendo Entertainment System - however, this requires that I use a MIDINES. Although MIDINES is a fantastic tool, there is no PAL tuning mode.

This is something that has often made things more annoying for me when writing music for NES and other instruments, as it means that my PAL NES running an NTSC MIDINES is always out of tune with other instruments. However, it is in tune with itself.

Well, my SMS MIDI interface has both a PAL and an NTSC mode but it only occured to me today to actually switch it to NTSC mode but run the interface on a PAL machine - and voila, it was in tune with the MIDINES!

Fun times ensued.

Something so obvious is so very obvious now.


Jacko said...

Its often the simplest things in life one looks over :)

Sebastian Tomczak said...

boy tell me about it...

REI_ said...

wow nes and sega duet. my mind exploded.