Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I'm in Nicolas Collins' Handmade Electronic Music Book!

Nicolas Collin is about to release the second edition of his excellent book "Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking".

For me, it is an honour to be have a little video on the included DVD of the book, because I can say that this book was the one that got me interested in doing hardware stuff in general in the first place, beyond physical computing - it is a true inspiration to read. I would strongly recommend to everyone to run out and grab the new edition, because it features so much new content in comparison to the first edition (which was already full of electronic music goodness).


Jacko said...

Seb, do you know if this can be purchased from a local retailer?

Jacko said...

Ah, a little searching yields a result!

Lets all go and pop this on pre-order :)

Unknown said...


This book was also one of the things that got me started on the road of non-computer based electronic music
So very impressed you made it in to the second edition

godinpants said...

I found the older version of this book in the library at uni in first year.
I'll have to look into buying a copy of it now.
Nice work on getting into it.

10k said...

Awesome man.
Ima need to pre-order.
Someone should post this shit on GBA.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I really loved the first edition of this book, it has really got me into hardware hacking and building my own oscillators.

Can anyone tell me what the new material is in this second edition?

Thanks in advance...


Jacko said...

I got this book today (finally after being on order for months), and it really is a FANTASTIC BOOK! The DVD is excellent, and now I cannot wait to start circuit bending some toys!