Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Muon Detector Live at the Planeterium on October 24!

The muon detector built by Robert Hart will be featured in an upcoming concert organised by Darren Curtis and Pitt Bradlet of Sacred Resonance. The detector will be used in conjunction with audio mappings that I have developed, such as real-time sample triggering and synthesis. The event will take place at the Adelaide Planetarium on October 24th. Details are as follows.


2 Sessions at 7pm and 8:30pm. Presented at the Adelaide Planetarium for 1 hour

NADAUM - [Universal Sound Current]

Nadaum is the experience of the universal sound-
scape. It is an activation and experiment merging
images and sound from Cosmic Rays, to Solar Wind.

Allowing the creative soundscape to emerge
in a live music performance, incorporating
the resonance of background sounds of crystal bowls.
The merging of the ancient and modern composition
of Yantra to Mantra.

Sacred Resonance (Darren and Bradley) Live Music-Visuals

Crystal Bowls (Allen Stevens)
‘Cosmic Muon Detector [ by Robert Hart ]
(Cotrolled by Seb Tomczak)

$20 & Conc $15
(Group 3+)
Bookings a must