Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sample Playback on C64 at 44.1KHz - Just For Fun

Here's a very short video demonstrating sample playback on a C64 at 44.1KHz / 4 bits using a SID 8580. Due to size limitations, I was limited to 60,000 4-bit samples.

Because I used the Commodore 64 model with the SID 8580 in it, the audio output was so very quiet; i had to add about 30 dB of gain. As a result the audio was very noisy, and so I have also added a low pass and a high pass filter, to make it slightly more bearable to listen to. I would love to try this out using a Commodore 64 with a SID 6581 in it.


Jacko said...

Sorry Seb, I didn't know my model SID would be so bad, that is im assuming this is an example using my C64?

Sebastian Tomczak said...

Hi Scott,
I can't seem to get your C64 to work at all - I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

But this example is made with my C64.

andrezj said...

Jacko: the lack of (this kind of) sample playback on the 8580 SID is compensated by it having mixed waveforms, increased cut-off range, and clean(er) filter. Ie, it's not better or worse. I hope that helps to soothe your feelings of C64-guilt! :)

And Seb - good work as usual! I've never heard anyone playing 44,1 samples on the SID before actually. May I propose a next step: hi-speed stream from cassette, hehe.