Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chipsounds SN76489 - Very Basic Example

Those people that are interested in chipmusic will no doubt be aware of the recent release of the highly-anticipated Chipsounds. Although I have not had a lot of time to deal with the software, I have been really impressed by both the quality of the emulation as well as the ease of use.

Here is a recording of the SN76489 (found in the Sega Master System). There are two identical phrases. The first phrase is played by the Chipsounds. The second phrase is played on the Sega hardware.

Listen here.


Angus Kingston said...


I came across your blog via

I am from ABC Radio National - we're currently doing a project called 'Tales of Tinkering' and we'd love you to share some of your projects.

We are following up the ideas from an essay by a futurist called Alex Pang we are doing a callout for ‘Tales of Tinkering’

All the details are here:

The interview with Alex Page airs this Thursday at 8.30am. You can hear the interview now on our collaborative media site We’re even inviting people to download the audio and remix/mash it up and share it.

Contributions can be in pictures, links to blogs, links to our Delicious account, comments to our blog, emails, YouTube clips.. anything that suits you. As you are maybe already using Flickr or YouTube we’d love it if you could add some pictures to our Flickr group for example. If we use any on our sites we’ll let you know to seek permission.

If you read through and would like to send us something we will blog it on the project blog and play some sounds on air.

I hope you're into this idea and can let your network of tinkerers know!

Angus Kingston
Radio National Online Producer

boomlinde said...

Interesting. They seem to have missed out on the attack clicks in the emulation (maybe some ramping is applied), but otherwise I can't tell the difference. Would be interesting to compare the oscillograms for a fast staccato sequence.

plgDavid said...

Thanks Sebastian.

Your blog has been a daily reminder that there are many people out there who knows their stuff and could have a serious critical/analytical view of my own work.

little-scale is a reference.
Thanks for your research.
And I hope you will put it through its paces!