Thursday, October 01, 2009

Massive YM2413 Sample Pack (245 Samples)

I have recorded a sample pack from a real YM2413 chip.

The sample pack consists on 245 samples. These are:
• 5 drum sounds
• 16 sounds per instrument, across 15 preset instruments

In the case of all of the pitched sounds, the samples include every C and G pitch from C-2 to G6 (16 in total). Every even-numbered file is a G. Every odd-numbered file is a C.

Get the MP3 version here.
Get the WAV version here.


starpause said...

i eat packss ty

boomlinde said...

Great! I'v always loved those preset drums.

kami68k said...

looks nice! Thanks


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much. I'm excited to try these out!