Saturday, October 03, 2009

Milkcrate #31 - Brian Green - "rrrrrr"

Experimental musician / circuit bender / generative composer Brian Green (from South Carolina, USA) has made a work under the standard milkcrate conditions.

"rrrrrr" is a drone piece 149 minutes long, made from the sound of clinking stones together.

"I decided to give another go at the milkcrate project as i really enjoyed the last one i did and i feel i push myself alot to do very different things when im doing one of these," says Brian.

Listen to Brian's session and read more about it on his blog here.


Tristan Louth-Robins said...

The bastard beat me to it - dammit.

Sebastian Tomczak said...


I guess that means we will have to do our own droneCrate()

Brian said...

hey thanks for posting this sir, i will update the soundcloud so it can be downloaded asap i cant access it at the moment as im out in the city and have no internet. im thinking about doing another crate out here using the monome to manipulate all the sound. hope all is well.