Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nadaum Experiment Wrapup

The two shows put on by Darren Curtis and Bradley Pitt of Sacred Resonance went quite well last night. It was pretty much a sell out crowd in the Adelaide Planetarium.

I think the best aspect of the show was the fact that all of the music and visuals flowed very well - this was in part assisted by the playing of the crystal bowls by Allen Stevens.

In terms of what I did, you can read quite a bit about the mapping of muon detection from a three Geiger tube detector to sonic / musical parameters here. I was pretty happy with the musical outcome; it was paced well and there were no technical issues (what? really?) in terms of my setup.

Some of the NASA footage was amazing, and it was also great to see the analog projector put to use in the planetarium.

Apologies for the lack of footage; I forgot my camera or my video camera.

From left to right - Bradley Pitt, Darren Curtis and Allen Stevens

Darren's laptop setup and Allen's crystal bowls

My setup


Brian Green said...

do darren or allen have websites?