Saturday, October 03, 2009

YM2413 Original Versus Clone - May Only The Strong Survive

The real YM2413 - labeled 9904 HAAG

The clone YM2413 - labeled 0108 HABG

So, previously I wrote about replacing the clone YM2413 chip inside my Sega Master System with a real YM2413 chip.

I have recorded a comparison between the two. Although the original comes out on top over all, I do miss a certain 'filtered bass' - type sound that was a preset on the clone.

In the audio file (see below), the first fifteen notes are both sound chips simultaneously, with the original panned hard-left and the clone panned hard-right. The second lot of fifteen notes is just the original. The third lot of fifteen notes is just the clone.

It is important to note that with both chips in the audio file, the exact same data was used to produce the sound (ie. same volume, same frequency and same instrument preset setting).

The instrument preset settings follow the instrument preset register, and are 'supposed' to sound as follows:

1. violin
2. guitar
3. piano
4. flute
5. clarinet
6. oboe
7. trumpet
8. organ
9. horn
10. synthesizer
11. harpsichord
12. vibraphone
13. synthesizer bass
14. acoustic bass
15. electric guitar

The audio can be found here.


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