Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Carl Testa: Kalle - Signals

I thought I would post about Carl Testa's newest release, being a Nanolooop 2.3 EP!


This is a short (20 minute) release of music written for and played on a Gameboy Micro running Nanoloop 2.3

Download: http://music.carltesta.net/

"Kalle is the name of my solo electronic music project. I use a variety of software and hardware in my electronic music, including a laptop, synth modules, printers, SuperCollider, and Logic. I have also recently started using a gameboy in my electronic setup. Signals is a 20-minute EP featuring some of my electronic music written on and for the gameboy micro running nanoloop 2.3. This EP is the first result of my experimentation. I simply wanted to write music that utilizes the gameboy sounds within my own musical aesthetic. I hope you enjoy.

This music was recorded in July 2009 and mastered by Chris McDonald in October 2009. The great cover art and design is by Carolyn Wachnicki."

- Carl Testa


George said...

hey man ive been searching all over for diy eprom drum machines instructions. your site popped up in google and i saw where you were making your own and called it 'easy' ha.
could i cheaply make a device that plays back a sample from an eprom when its signaled by my drum trigger.
basically, i wanna make a simmons sds-1 myself, but i already have the drum pad.
send me an email at clantogw@gmail.com if you could point me in the right direction on this