Monday, November 09, 2009

FM is for the PEOPLE - VOL. 1 - Out Now!

Brady Leo says:

"Compiled by notorious OPL buff , Oxygenstar, this release serves up a healthy dose of frequency modulation synthesis which varies nicely in both style and technique. Get it here."

01. OxygenStar – Welcome (Adlib Tracker II, recorded on a Pro Audio Spectrum16)
02. stijl – Slelett o garderoben (TFM/Reaktor)
03. freezedream – RacerRX (recorded on a YM2612)
04. Monsters – The forest Song (TFM)
05. OxygenStar – I used to love her (Adlib Tracker II, recorded on a Pro Audio Spectrum16)
06. Tiido – Cosmic synthesizer (MD Tracker/TMSE)
07. little-scale – Birthright (recorded on a YM2413)
08. rico z – Lonely gigolo standing in the rain (Milky Tracker, YM2413 samples)
09. sci – Three notes (TFM)
10. Tristendo – The pizza dinosaurs of planet awesome (TFM)
11. ┬ÁB – Suspicious user (OPL emulation)
12. Alex Luthor – Alone in the Playground (TFM)
13. Lazerbeat – Knock (NL2.3 in FM mode)


Anonymous said...

Since I'm such a freggin newb, I'm now realizing how beautiful FMs are. MisfitChris told me about Oxygenstar and now I finally get a sample of how sexy FMs are. Thanks!