Thursday, November 26, 2009

Novation Launchpad: Waveform Editor

This evening I made a Launchpad-based 3-bit by 3-bit waveform editor. In a way, this is related to my ever-present desire to touch sound (eg. the Toriton water-based instrument etc). If anyone is interested in downloading the Max/MSP patch, please let me know.

So the idea is very simple. The 8 x 8 grid is a representation of an audio waveform, whose shape is controlled by the grid. The frequency of the waveform is controlled by the horizontal aux buttons.


Anonymous said...

smart arse!! I knew as soon as you saw Doy.AY's unit you'd master this thing! Awesome work mate.

Famikiller said...

I would love to download the patch for this.
Would also love the ripple sequencer, would be great to incorp it into an ambient set.

Keep me posted bro

Vors said...

Yeah, I'd like to download this patch too, looks wicked.

Anonymous said...

please share it I would love to download it

Ricardo said...

Hi. My name is Ricardo.
I’v been trying to figure out a way of using the LED’s on Launchpad
function as you have done in your patch. But I cant seem to figure it out completely.
Would it be possible to download your patch?

Best regards Ricardo. said...

Surely, the guy is totally just.