Monday, December 21, 2009

Blip Festival 2009 - Day 3 - My $0.02

Here are my three favourite events from Blip Festival 2009 Day 3, in the order of their appearance on the night:

Presentations by David Viens with XC3N / No Carrier
David Viens presented an informative lecture about his Chipsounds plugin. He was an excellent speaker. I especially liked the discussion on LFSR analysis. XC3N then did a quick demo of the plugin.
I found No Carrier's presentation very inspiring. Clear, straight to the point and informative. What more could one want when it comes to a presentation about NES-based visualisation.

The J Arthur Keenes Band
Awesome singer / song writer with a great onstage persona.

Trash 80
Trash 80's set at the Blip Festival afterparty was well worth walking for 12 blocks in the sub-zero temperatures in snow. I've been wanting to see him play / DJ for a long period of time, of course.