Thursday, December 24, 2009

Let's Control A_SID Via Arduino

The A_SID emulates a Commodore 64 sound chip (the famous SID) using an ATMEGA microcontroller. Vblank did a workshop on the A_SID during this year's Blip Festival.

I've made a simple MIDI --> Serial --> A_SID setup. It works like this:

1. Max/MSP Patch - route your MIDI data to this patch
2. Arduino Code - download and then upload to your Arduino board
3. Arduino Hardware - connect 5V, GND and TX to the correct points on the A_SID circuit (essentially replacing the existing serial connection header if there is one).

Get these materials here. Still working to smooth out some of the details, so no point in really using it now. Quick demo of Ableton Live control below.


10k said...

I very much look forward to giving this a go!

VBLANK said...

Nice bit of code on the Arduino! Happy to see somebody add to this already.

I'm not a Max/MSP guru, but I noticed the serial object being used. Seems to me it should be possible to use an FTDI cable, move the Arduino code to Max/MSP, and get the Arduino out of the latency loop.

I opened a forum at
for this, as other people at Blip festival mentioned a desire to work on this chip. Maybe a tracker for it?