Sunday, December 20, 2009

Video of little-scale and Rosa Menkman live @ Blip Festival 2009

Video footage courtesy of cTrix.


Joseph said...

Thanks for a good show, mate. You brought some class to an otherwise chaotic blipster fest. Cheers. I hope you don't mind that I said "mate" and "cheers" even though I'm American. :)

DDP said...

You were absolutely stunning to see you in concert, as you are one of the first to catch my eye in this genre...Wish you would have had a shirt or something for sale, or at least a copy of "error repeat". Didn't get to say thank you for playing "come back to me", which really made it all worth it.

Cat Sidhe said...

Love it! It brings me and much others many happinesses to be watching the little-scale achieving excellence and well responded-to music set. Well done with all the excellences, Seb!