Saturday, January 02, 2010

Lazerscale Blog / RSS / Twitter!

Lazerscale now has a Blog, RSS Feed and a Twitter account.

In case you're wondering what Lazerscale is...

"In November 2009 Lazerbeat and little-scale took part in a challenge to write 30 songs in 30 days. They found a shared interest in the experimentation encouraged by creating music under a strict schedule and decided to push the idea a little further.

The aim of this project is that between January 1st and December 31st 2010, a number of artists will each produce 365 songs. There are a small number of rules governing the exercise but it is mainly for fun and hopefully making some good music."

All I can say is... Lazerscale is Go!


Adam 2! 4! said...

Sounds awesome Sebastian, I am spewing I didn't know about it earlier so I could get in on the action!

Are you interested in me writing a promo article on this for my music blog Save 2! 4!

I've only just set it up but the main aim of it will be to promote Adelaide musicians and this initiative is exactly what I'm looking to write about. Check it out and let me know

You can just email me on savetwofour at if you're keen - I would have emailed you but I couldn't find an address!

Also congratulations on the Blip festival!