Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lazerscale Site Update

The Lazerscale site has been updated with easier to use navigation, the ability to leave comments on tracks and a new and improved embedded music player.

So check it out and get your Lazerscale on.


dontmarryme said...

excuse me for asking question here

Mr. Little-scale
It's me again, Luke, you helped me 2 years ago, I asked you about 595 and 4021 ic problem.

I got another question and couldn't find any help:

I want to drive 1024 single color leds (32x32) with pwm, which means I want to have a low resolution video and trigered by 16 74HC595 ic, is that possible? I mean, does Arduino fast enough to handle it? and how do I write the code.

I know the question is a bit complex... sorry to trouble you and hope you have some time to answer it.