Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Attorney-General of South Australia Does a Backflip on Internet Censorship

The Attorney-General of South Australia last night revealed that he has made a backflip on the SA political internet censor law.

"My generation expects people to be honest and truthful in public commentary, and to stand by their commentary in their own name, but I think we have to concede that there is another generation coming up who disagrees with us and is asserting itself politically".

The fact that the government, the A-G, the opposition and the minor parties were willing to put this law through without consultation from the people whom it would affect is ridiculous and undemocratic in itself - it shows a certain level of smugness in my opinion.

Now that the law will be repealed, does this make everything okay? Will it stop them from attempting to push through similar laws in other circumstances or for other scenarios?


REI_ said...

not likely. I am surprised the US has not begun this sort of thing... I wish Australia would stop this insanity.

andrezj said...

i think it's an excellent reason to partey.