Monday, February 22, 2010

little-scale: Superluminal Motion (2010)

I signed up for the annual RPM Challenge, wherein participants write an album sometime throughout February. On Saturday, I wrote 'Superluminal Motion' - nine tracks / 35 minutes of music made from the sound of a party popper and a red balloon (happy birthday Derris-Kharlan!). Thanks to Malmen, Ten and Tracer, i cactus and GOTO80 for the inspiration.

Thanks to Lauren for the amazing photography.

01. Symmetry
02. Baryogenesis
03. Filament
04. Ekpyrotic Model
05. Flavour
06. Superluminal Motion
07. A Reversal of Entropy
08. Gravitational Collapse
09. Hologram

Download / Purchase
Download this release here.
Purchase this release here - worth it just for the photography.


isaac said...

i downloaded this, and no-exaggeration, its become one of my favorites, up there with the 8bitpeoples and ghostly international artists. also i,cactus is one of my favorite albums!

woolyss said...

Waoooow ! Today, I dicovered this release. Excellent ! 'Baryogenesis' and 'Superluminal Motion' are my favorites ! Thank you for sharing !