Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Paul Slocum's Game of Life Extrusions

Slocum says:

"I wrote a script that takes the lifetime of the cellular automaton Conway’s Game of Life and extrudes it into a three dimensional object... Time is equated to the Z-axis, and every live cell/pixel is converted to a cube, output as raw vertices..."

Inspiring work. Read more here.


asdfasdfasfd said...

While it doesn't add any new features to the game, it is an interesting way to visualize the history, or to demonstrate to people that time dimensions can be converted into spatial dimensions...

What is somewhat interesting to me is that for any given state of the game of life, except for trivial cases, there are a plethora of histories that could have given rise to that state (including the possibilities that it was initialized as such and has no history).