Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SEGA Music Competition: Win A SEGA Master System MIDI Interface!

It's time to get your chipmusic on! This is your chance to win a SEGA Master System MIDI Interface. Be the coolest musician in your town with this brand new tool that lets you control the sound chip in your SEGA Master System with MIDI data.

The Prize
The prize includes the following:
• brand-new, hand made little-scale-brand SEGA Master System MIDI Interface (SMSM)
• instruction manual
• required cable

Since this product will not be available on the market by the time the competition ends, the winner will be the only member of the public to own this cool piece of retro boutique music hardware!

Competition Details
Submit a SEGA-related music track. This may be:
• chipmusic written for the SEGA Master System / SEGA Mega Drive
• music written within the constraints of the SEGA Master System / SEGA Mega Drive
• music that is covering / remixing a specific SEGA Master System / SEGA Mega Drive tune
• any of the above may include additional instrumentation (whether electronic or more traditional) - however, the focus should be on the SEGA aspects of the work

Music that does not fit into the above categories will be disqualified. If your entry is a cover or a remix of a SEGA Master System / SEGA Mega Drive tune, please be sure to include what it is that you are covering.

Please note that there will only be one winner. The judge(s) decision is final.

Find out more about the musical capabilities of the SEGA Master System / SEGA Mega Drive here.

Submission Guidelines
• the deadline for this competition is the 17th April, 2010
• limit of one entry per person / group
• the length of your SEGA track should be between 1:30 and 5:00
• submission format is strictly as 192 kbps stereo MP3
• send your submissions to: with the subject line 'SEGA Music Competition'
• the best 10 tracks will be released as a digital archive

Note that this competition is in no way affiliated with SEGA.


techlawcalgary said...

Very cool, I might have to compose something. Btw, what happened to the microtonal compilation?


Anonymous said...

Oh man. There's no leeway to do a new tune in a sega style. That sucks.

Sebastian Tomczak said...

@ Anonymous, what do you mean? Of course there is! You can write a new tune and sticking to the capabilities of the console ;)

Anonymous said...

Only Megadrive and Master System? So you're not allowed to write something in the style of Golden Axe arcade machine or like Powerdrift? No System16 etc allowed? with more samples?? Instead it must be pure Genesis/Master System chip sound? But sega arcade music was best! The home consoles just had watered down versions of stuff like Afterburner and Powerdrift! -1 for home console music only man cos Sega were arcade music legends!

Sebastian Tomczak said...

@ Anonymous: What is with your attitude? "-1", really? lol.

Feel free to submit music written with a YM2151.

Anonymous said...

What attitude?

Oh I see, any form of criticism constitutes "attitude" does it?

Sorry dude I didn't realise you were so sensitive. What's the deal, are teenage hormones kicking in? Shit I'm really sorry. Your competition is fucking awesome man.

Sebastian Tomczak said...

You certainly could have phrased your question better.

Anonymous said...

I sent my entry in. I hope you enjoy it. Got many entries for this?

Solyon said...

Is there a specific time for the deadline? I mean (sorry for my english) 23h59 GMT, is it ok ?

Sebastian Tomczak said...

Hi Solyon,
The time zone is midnight, 17th April, Honolulu time

- seb

Lightning said...

I just wanted to make sure you got my entry. It's called "Cold Sweats." I sent it to your seb(dot)tomczak (gmail) account.


Transformer said...

Awww 17th April, busy as hell until 21st May...dddaaaaaiiimmm

Anonymous said...

Missed the deadline but FIRST in line to buy one when you start making them......i will even prepay if that helps!!!

i cant WAIT!!!!! haha

Sergio said...

YM2164 music allowed? It's almost identical to YM2151. Thank you in advance.

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