Sunday, June 06, 2010

10k At The Cranka

There is a juncture between musical performance as punk / hardcore set, as chipmusic show, as a stand up comedy routine and as a piece of performance art. It is this space that Tom Gilmore aka Ten Thousand Free Men and Their Families occupied with his transcendental set last night at Adelaide's Crown And Anchor. 10k absolutely nailed it. For me personally, this was the second best live performance of chipmusic that I have ever seen, closely behind Condom (Covox and Random) at Blip Fest 2009. I am basing this assessment on both what I took away from the show as well as how it made me feel. Please support Tom by picking up one of his EPs here.


invisible prisons said...

CHIPCOREFTW!!!1!1 T'was a great night, still recovering.