Monday, June 28, 2010

Electromagnetic Recordings

Here are some brief recordings that have been created by passing an induction transducer that has been wired to an audio jack over several electronic devices. I am simply amazed by the complexity and variety of the magnetic signal emanating from the laptop, for example. It is a pleasure and a surprise to go hunting for these sounds. Of specific interest to me are areas and relative gestures that create an effect similar to a filter sweep as well as the idea of having a complex device like a laptop and finding areas that allow one to naturally crossfade between magnetic signals simply by moving the inductor in one plane or another.


Cathode Ray Tube Television:

Audio Recorder:



Buford Scrumms said...

You should create a drum machine that uses induction transducers as a noise source. Basically just sending the noise through an envelope.

Chupathingy said...

You want some crazy sounds, go grab a pair of old wireless headphones, the kind that are infra-red based. Put a mic up to the speakers and walk around the house. Never knew my home had such a lush soundscape.