Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Poppi Doser and little-scale Live in Sydney this Wednesday and Thursday

For those in Sydney, please come and check out the two shows that Poppi and I are playing in Sydney this week.

Wednesday, 16th June, 8.30PM + @ The Vanguard, 42 King Street, Newtown.
Nic Collins, little-scale and Poppi Doser, Chikashi Miyama, Ryo Kanda and Ningen Dogs Orchestra

Thursday, 17th June, 8.00 PM + @ The Sandringham 387 King Street, Newtown
Ningen Dogs Orchestra, The Mumps, Toydeath, Moranis, little-scale and Poppi Doser


Tdrecordable said...


I'll be there. I'm travelling up from Melbourne for NIME.

i'll check it out.