Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Digital Counter for 'The Burrow'

I have made a digital counter as part of the preparation for the upcoming concert series of Lyndon Gray's 'The Burrow'. It's basically a very simple Max/MSP patch that has a full-screen counter that is displayed on a separate LCD screen that all five performers can see. Certain sections of the work are timed out to the second, and Lyndon will be able to trigger the start points of these sections through the Max/MSP patch and a MIDI controller. Simple yet (hopefully) effective.


Kristoffer said...

Hi this has nothing to do with that counter... I'm just sure you had a tutorial on how to make LSDJ-kits a year back or so? Anyway I think your tutorial made me figure that stuff out and now I'm making a lot of LSDJ-kits that will be released for free, just wanted to say thank you!