Thursday, December 16, 2010

NanoKontrol As Kick / Snare / Hat / Bass Step Sequencer

I made a simple 8-step sequencer for the Korg NanoKontrol. The lower row of buttons represents the kick drum. The upper row of buttons represents the snare drum. The knobs represent the hi hat, and can be either a closed sound or an open sound with variable velocity, all of which is completely dependent on the position of the control. The faders each represent the pitch of a bass line, whereby the minimum position is a note-off indication. The MIDI output of the Max/MSP patch is designed to work with Ableton Live, and sends kick, snare and hi-hat notes accordingly. An example YouTube video is shown below.

Download the Max/MSP patch here:

The NanoKontrol should use scene four of the NanoKontrol editor preset patch included the above directory.


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