Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Max for Live: MIDI-triggered Audio "Sidechaining" ADSR Envelope

Download here:

A Max for Live audio effect device that takes an audio input and provides gain reduction via an ADSR envelope that is triggered by MIDI data using a PathMIDI device from a MIDI track on another channel.

MIDI from should be set to the PathMIDI bus that has been chosen in the corresponding PathMIDI device on another MIDI channel.

Note is the pitch for which to filter. Any other note being sent along the PathMIDI bus will be ignored. If the pitch selected in the Note parameter is received, then the ADSR envelope that controls the incoming level is triggered. A note off will trigger the release portion of the envelope.

The depth controls the depth of gain reduction, with 100% providing maximum gain reduction.

An example video is shown below, whereby the Audio.MIDI.SideChain is placed on an organ instrument.

A PathMIDI device is placed on the kick drum of the drum kit from another track.

The Audio.MIDI.SideChain is setup so that it respond to the MIDI data of the kick drum, and thus provides a very clean sidechaining-like effect.