Tuesday, December 01, 2015

White Noise M4L Live Set - with All Devices!

You can download the Live session of the white noise and Max for Live sound design / music composition here: http://milkcrate.com.au/_other/project_data/white_noise_m4l.zip.

This includes:
• little-scale.abs: rectification effect
• little-scale.audio.midi.sidechain: ducking / enveloping based on MIDI data
• little-scale.basic.buffer.synth: simple wavetable synth
• little-scale.biquad: filter
• little-scale.buffer.bass: monophonic bass synth with rectification, waveshaping, LFO etc
• little-scale.chorus.feedback: comb filtering chorus effect
• little-scale.cverb: cheap reverb
• little-scale.delay
• little-scale.fm.buffer:  FM synth with wavetable lookup for oscillators
• little-scale.omx.peaklim: limiter
• little-scale.pathmidi: MIDI bussing for M4L
• little-scale.prob: MIDI note probability
• little-scale.simpledrumsynth: buffer-based wavetable drum synth
• little-scale.step.arp: step sequencer arpeggiator
• little-scale.sync.am: audio ramping based on the tempo
• little-scale.transpose