Sunday, August 28, 2016

iPad Microtonal Multitouch with Two Areas

A microtonal mulittouch iPad Mira patch for Max for Live, this time with two touch areas. Each area supports up to 8 fingers. Each finger sends a centre pitch, and then an offset above or below that pitch using a 14 bit pitch bend value. Download here:

The data is received within the chain of a nested instrument rack. The data is received using a device called Touch.return. Fingers 1 - 8 in the upper touch area are received using Touch.return pathways 9 - 16, whilst finger 1 - 8 on the lower touch area are received using Touch.return pathways 1 - 8. This device can be downloaded here:

A session with a MIDI track with a nested instrument rack setup, with multiple copies of the instrument, is recommended for this to work correctly.

Download an example session here: