Saturday, August 06, 2016

Teensy 3.2 and ENC28J60 Ethernet Module

The ENC28J60 can be used with Teensy 3.2.

The connections are as follows:

• ENC28J60 CLCKOUT is unconnected
• ENC28J60 INT is unconnected
• ENC28J60 WOL is unconnected
• ENC28J60 SO to Teensy 3.2 DIN (MISO) Digital Pin 12
• ENC28J60 SI to Teensy 3.2 DOUT (MOSI) Digital Pin 11
• ENC28J60 SCK to Teensy 3.2 SCK Digital Pin 13
• ENC28J60 RESET is unconnected 
• ENC28J60 CS to Teensy 3.2 CS Digital Pin 10
• ENC28J60 VCC to Teensy 3.2 3.3V
• ENC28J60 VCC to Teensy Ground

The Arduino UIP Ethernet library can be used. No changes need to be made to the library for usage with Teensy 3.2. The examples compile and run properly.