Sunday, December 18, 2016

M4L Device: Cascading Differential Step Sequencer

This is cascading differential step sequencer.

There are three step sequencers. Each step sequencer features:

  • 16 steps
  • 16 patterns
  • Range from - 12 to + 12
  • Selectable loop points
  • Arrows to shift the pattern up / down / left / right
  • Clear button for current pattern
  • Direction selection for forward / reverse / palindrome 

The sequencers are cascaded to together, and only generate notes upon difference:
  • The first sequencer is added to the output from the second sequencer as a transposition
  • The second sequencer is added to the output from the third sequencer as a transposition
  • The device only generates a MIDI note if there is a difference between the combined output of the sequencers compared to the previous step
  • This allows for complex phasing relationships between note loops and transpositions from successive sequencers

The output sections features: 
  • Visualisation of cascaded sequencer output
  • Note length 
  • Note velocity 
  • Pitch offset